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World Capitals
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The Balkans
Name the Bosnian capital city in which an assassination triggered World War I.
Which capital city is farthest from the tropic of Cancer?
A. Taipei
B. Riyadh
C. Jakarta
D. New Delhi
E. Mexico City
South American Nations
What is the capital of the nation that lies south of the nation in which Brasilia is the capital?
A. Lima
B. Quito
C. Bogota
D. Caracas
E. Montevideo
Close Capitals
What capital is closest to Vatican City?
Cities with a History
It is a capital city, a port, and the largest city in Africa. It was founded in 969 by the Fatimids and was taken by Saladin in the 12th century. Name it.
Asian Geography
Directly east of the capital city of China is ...
A. Iran
B. Vietnam
C. New Guinea
D. Bangladesh
E. North Korea
Higher Elevations
The world's highest capital city is at an altitude of 12,000 feet in what nation?
Caribbean Capitals
Havana is to Cuba as Port-au-Prince is to ...
A. Haiti
B. Jamaica
C. Puerto Rico
D. the Virgin Islands
E. the Dominican Republic
The capital of Canada is ...
A. Regina
B. Ottawa
C. Victoria
D. Toronto
E. Montreal
European Rivers
Through what capital city does the Thames flow?
Capital Climates
The temperature of which capital city averages about 14 degrees F in January and 66 degrees F in July?
A. Cairo
B. Lisbon
C. Moscow
D. Phnom Penh
E. Addis Ababa
From Sea to Sea
Traveling north from this capital city leads to the Black Sea. Traveling west from this capital city takes you to the Aegean Sea. Traveling south from this capital city takes you to the Mediterranean Sea. Name this capital city.
Capital Letters
With what letter do the capital cities of these countries begin?
Latin Capital Cities
Name the South American capital city closest to the equator.
Which capital city has the longest growing season?
A. Lhasa
B. Ankara
C. Bangkok
D. Pyongyang
E. Islamabad
Mideast Air Travel
A person leaves Baghdad and flies directly west. Which capital city will he fly over?
A. Aden
B. Tehran
C. Damascus
D. Khartoum
E. Islamabad
River Cities
Which two African capitals are on the banks of the Nile River?
Island Capitals
Which island nation is not paired with its capital?
A. Iceland - Thule
B. Philippines - Manila
C. Sri Lanka - Colombo
D. Cyprus - Nicosia
E. Jamaica - Kingston
Name the capital of the independent Himalayan kingdom between Tibet to the north and India to the east, south and west.
Alphabetical Geography
Four South American countries border upon the Pacific Ocean. You arrange an alphabetical list of these nations' capital cities. Which one comes last?
Country Comparisons
Which is the capital city of the geographically smallest nation?
A. Beirut
B. Ankara
C. Riyadh
D. Baghdad
E. Damascus
Mountain Ranges
What mountain range separates the countries in which Madrid and Paris are capitals?
Jet Lag
A traveler would be most affected by jet lag if she flew nonstop from ...
A. Prague to Paris
B. Tehran to Kabul
C. Manila to Madrid
D. Rangoon to Bangkok
E. Cairo to Addis Ababa
Geographic Puns
The name of what European city completes this pun?
What is the richest country in the world?
Ireland, of course, since its capital is always ...
The capital of the Aztec Empire was ...
A. Cuzco
B. Guadalajara
C. Chichen Itza
D. Tenochtitlan
E. Machu Picchu
Disputed Cities
What city is considered by both Israelis and Palestinians as their capital?
Land-Locked Cities
Which capital city is farthest from an ocean?
A. Lima
B. Caracas
C. Santiago
D. Asuncion
E. Montevideo
Burn It to Save It
What city was burned in 1812 to deprive Napoleon of a winter base?
A. Paris
B. Vienna
C. Munich
D. Warsaw
E. Moscow
Capital Cities
What is the capital city of the first country that lies due west of Rabat and Lisbon?
In 1912, the British built a city six miles from Delhi. Name this city that has since been the capital of India.
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Answers to World Capitals
1. Sarajevo
2. C
3. E
4. Rome
5. Cairo
6. E
7. Bolivia
8. A
9. B
10. London
11. C
12. Ankara
13. B
14. Quito
15. C
16. C
17. Cairo, Khartoum
18. A
19. Katmandu
20. Santiago
21. A
22. Pyrenees
23. C
24. Dublin
25. D
26. Jerusalem
27. D
28. E
29. Washington D.C.
30. New Delhi
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