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U.S. Borders
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An Auk Walk
The Great Auk leaves the Four Corners and heads north until he runs into the first east-west state border. He then travels due east along that border until he runs into which state?
A. Utah
B. Kansas
C. Wyoming
D. Nebraska
E. South Dakota
Old Man River
Name the southernmost state whose western border is mainly formed by the Mississippi River.
Solitary States
Which U.S. state borders only one other state?
A. Maine
B. Alaska
C. Hawaii
D. Florida
E. Arizona
North American Geography
Which state does not have a border along a foreign country?
A. Texas
B. Oregon
C. Vermont
D. Minnesota
E. California
Bountiful Boundaries
Missouri is one of the two states that touch eight other states. What other state borders eight states?
A. Utah
B. Iowa
C. Indiana
D. Tennessee
E. Pennsylvania
The same line of longitude forms the western border of Nebraska and what two other states?

What major river forms part of the western boundary of Iowa?
Great Lakes States
What is the easternmost state bordering upon any of the Great Lakes?
Length and Width
The distance from north to south is longer than from east to west in which state?
A. Oklahoma
B. Kentucky
C. Minnesota
D. Connecticut
E. Pennsylvania
Gulf States
Alabama and Texas are two of the five states which border on the Gulf of Mexico. Name the other three.
Common Borders
A common border is not shared by ...
A. Georgia and Florida
B. Washington and Idaho
C. Michigan and Missouri
D. New Mexico and Texas
E. Pennsylvania and New York
Alphabetical Capitals
Five U.S. states border upon the Pacific Ocean. If you make an alphabetical list of their capital cities, which one comes first?
A person standing in the extreme northwestern corner of Oklahoma could bend over and place her hands into ...
A. Ohio and Iowa
B. Utah and Arizona
C. Kansas and Nebraska
D. Missouri and Kansas
E. Colorado and New Mexico
U.S. Geography
The southernmost point in the continental United States lies in what state?
Which state has the most irregular northern border?
A. Utah
B. Vermont
C. Alabama
D. Virginia
E. Tennessee
Historic Boundaries
Pennsylvania's southern boundary was named after two men who surveyed it in 1763. Subsequently it was taken as the line of demarcation between free and slave states. Name this line.
Chesapeake Bay is largely bordered by what state?
A. Maine
B. Maryland
C. New Jersey
D. Massachusetts
E. North Carolina
Orthogonal States
The borders of only two U.S. states form perfect rectangles. Name both states.
International Borders
If you were to alphabetically arrange all of the U.S. states west of Wisconsin that border upon Canada, which would be last on your list?
State Dimensions
The smallest difference in latitude exists between the northern and southern borders of which state?
A. Alaska
B. Nevada
C. California
D. Minnesota
E. Massachusetts
Which of the New England states has no coastline?
First States
Which state does not border upon at least one of the original thirteen states?
A. Maine
B. Florida
C. Indiana
D. Kentucky
E. Tennessee
What is the total number of U.S. senators from the states bordering California?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
E. 10
State Borders
The Delaware River forms its eastern border and its extreme northwestern border is formed by Lake Erie. Name this state.
U.S. Latitudes
What two states in addition to Mississippi share the same line of latitude as their northern boundary?
Which American city is closest to the Canadian border?
A. Augusta, Maine
B. Columbus, Ohio
C. Albany, New York
D. Detroit, Michigan
E. Vancouver, Washington
The southernmost tip of what state is formed by the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers?
U.S. Geography
A person traveling due north from Kentucky could find himself in ...
A. Ohio
B. Idaho
C. Vermont
D. Nebraska
E. Tennessee
National Parks
Name the national park which is found along the borders of Montana and Idaho and Wyoming.
The southern border of Michigan lies between ...
A. Ohio and Pennsylvania
B. Kentucky and Missouri
C. Wisconsin and Illinois
D. Lake Michigan and Lake Erie
E. Lake Huron and Lake Superior

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Answers to U.S. Borders
1. D
2. Mississippi
3. A
4. B
5. D
6. North & South Dakota
7. Missouri River
8. New York
9. C
10. Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana
11. C
12. Honolulu
13. E
14. Florida
15. D
16. Mason-Dixon Line
17. B
18. Wyoming, Colorado
19. Washington
20. E
21. Vermont
22. C
23. C
24. Pennsylvania
25. Alabama, Georgia
26. D
27. Illinois
28. A
29. Yellowstone
30. D
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