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Twos & Threes
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What is the last word in this cliche?
Two's company but three's a ...
Peru and Bolivia are two of the three countries in the main region occupied by the Inca Empire. What is the third?
A. Brazil
B. Ecuador
C. Paraguay
D. Argentina
E. Venezuela
The breaststroke and backstroke are two of the three strokes in competitive swimming that begin with "b." Name the other one.
Saturn and Jupiter are two of the three planets with rings. What is the third?
A. Pluto
B. Venus
C. Uranus
D. Mercury
E. Neptune
Name the type of vision in which the fields of vision from two eyes overlap to create three-dimensional vision.
One of three or more candidates has received a plurality of votes if she has received more ...
A. than 90% of the votes
B. votes than another candidate
C. votes than any other candidate
D. than the majority of votes cast
E. votes than any combination of
   the other candidates
Newsworthy Events
What is the surname of the two people about whom this headline was written?
Flying machine soars three miles
in teeth of high wind over sand hills
and waves on Carolina coast.
Which is not a feature of all mammals?
A. warm-blooded
B. two pairs of limbs
C. three-chambered hearts
D. bodies covered with hair
E. the feeding of the young with milk
Animal Booms
In the 19th century, homesick settlers introduced two dozen of these creatures from Britain. Within three decades, they spread out across the entire southern part of the continent, wiping out shrubs and grasses on a huge scale. What creatures did these Australians release?
Bleak Baseball
What was the score, according to Ernest Thayer, when Cooney died at second and Burrows did the same and a pallor wreathed the features of the patrons of the game?
A. one to six
B. two to four
C. four to nine
D. five to eight
E. three to five
The U.N.
The United States and Russia are two of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Name the other three.
Poetic Addition
What is the sum of the number of lines in one haiku, two limericks, and three couplets?
A. 11
B. 13
C. 15
D. 17
E. 19
Which of the three main categories of rock is always formed from one of the other two types of rock?
Reaction Time
Reaction time is diminished most by ingesting ...
A. three cans of cola
B. three cups of coffee
C. two ounces of alcohol
D. three teaspoons of sugar
E. two tablets of amphetamine
Recent States
Hawaii and Alaska are two of the five states which have joined the union since 1900. Name the other three.
Historical Rivers
The Clearwater and the Snake Rivers were two of the last three rivers which Lewis and Clark had to navigate to reach the Pacific. Name the final river in their historic journey.
Benjamin Franklin said that three may keep a secret if ...
A. two of them are dead
B. all of them are honest
C. one of them is a friend in need
D. they are healthy, wealthy, and wise
E. none of them lieth down with dogs
Who and whom are two of the five interrogative pronouns. Name two of the remaining three.
The story, "Where the Red Fern Grows," has three main characters. Two are what kind of mammal?
Muscle Parts
The insertion and origin are two of the three parts of a skeletal muscle. The third is the ...
A. node
B. body
C. belly
D. flexor
E. orifice
Second World War
A destroyer rammed his boat, cutting it in two. He and his men swam three miles to a small island. Five days later he swam to Nauru Island to get help. Name this commander of PT-109.

The Legislative Branch
A legislator served three terms as a U.S. representative and two terms as a senator. He served in Congress ...
A. 12 years
B. 14 years
C. 16 years
D. 18 years
E. 20 years
On Columbus' first voyage, only two of his three ships returned to Spain. Name the one lost on a coral reef in the West Indies.
There are three types of swords used in fencing. Points may be scored with which two of these only by touching the opponent with the tip?
The anvil and hammer are two of the three tiny bones of the ear which enable a person to hear. The third bone is the ...
A. shoe
B. ladle
C. plate
D. saddle
E. stirrup
The period is one of the three "end stops" or "terminal marks" used in punctuation. Name the other two.
Its mouth opens three to four feet wide. Its two canine teeth grow into tusks of ivory. Its eyes and nostrils protrude from the head and remain out of the water when the animal floats. Its body is barrel-shaped, its skin is thick, and its legs are short. Name it.
Novel Plots
The Queen of France gives 12 diamond studs to the Duke of Buckingham as a memento of her love in ...
A. Les Miserables
B. Anne of 1000 Days
C. A Tale of Two Cities
D. The Three Musketeers
E. The Man in the Iron Mask

Lakes Michigan and Superior are two of the five Great Lakes. Name the other three.

To amend the Constitution, how many states must agree to the change?
A. a majority
B. two-thirds
C. 100 percent
D. three-quarters
E. none of these
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Answers to Twos & Threes
1. crowd
2. B
3. butterfly
4. C
5. binocular vision
6. C
7. Wright
8. C
9. rabbits
10. B
11. China, France, United Kingdom
12. E
13. metamorphic
14. C
15. Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona
16. Columbia River
17. A
18. what, which, whose
19. dog (canine)
20. C
21. John Kennedy
22. D
23. Santa Maria
24. foil, epee
25. E
26. question mark, exclamation point
27. hippopotamus
28. D
29. Erie, Huron, Ontario
30. D
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