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Tree Types
Two major classifications of trees are coniferous and ...
A. citrus
B. monocot
C. deciduous
D. symbiotic
E. spore-bearing
Pulpy trees with green trunks and no bark grew in ancient swamps. These died and fell into the water where they were transformed into peat. Eventually, through heat and pressure, this material turned into what burnable rock?
Tree Rings
Growth rings in trees are layers of dead ...
A. xylem cells
B. guard cells
C. phloem cells
D. holdfast cells
E. parenchyma cells
This describes what animal?
Their homes are made of branches
from trees which they fell and cut up
with their sharp incisor teeth.
A Theory That Holds Water
Which theory best explains the movement of water from the roots to the top of tall trees?
A. capillary action theory
B. theory of active transport
C. transpiration-cohesion theory
D. osmotic pressure theory
E. theory of spontaneous generation
Vegetation Varieties
In the same region that you would find abundant cypress trees and kudzu, you would also find ...
A. tundra and aspens
B. sagebrush and mesquite
C. saguaros and prickly pears
D. Spanish moss and palmettos
E. bristlecone pines and Douglas fir
Treeless Terrain
The imaginary line on mountains above which there are no trees is called ...
Trees will bud and grass will green up at which location earliest in the year?
A. Chicago, Illinois
B. Denver, Colorado
C. Buffalo, New York
D. Jackson, Mississippi
E. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Massive Ecological Change
Name the river basin in which at least one million trees are felled each day and 62,000 square miles of forest disappear annually.
African Economics
Wood from the trees in the tropical forests of Africa is valued for ...
A. burning as fuel
B. bridge building
C. making furniture
D. home construction
E. making fine paper
Cell Swapping
Name the site in Arizona in which each molecule of cellulose in ancient trees has been replaced by silicon dioxide.
History of Agriculture
Olive trees were first cultivated in ...
A. Crete
B. Ceylon
C. Hokkaido
D. Madagascar
E. New Guinea
Spectacular Species
Two national parks in California are named after two spectacular tree species. Name either of them.
Avian Architecture
Which birds build nests in colonies on platforms of sticks high in the trees?
A. owls
B. coots
C. herons
D. eagles
E. penguins
Sales Talk
What term that can refer to an exudation from pine trees also means a salesperson's discourse intended to persuade customers to make a purchase?
Perennial Plants
Which trees are not deciduous?
A. alder, maple
B. juniper, spruce
C. hickory, poplar
D. beech, sycamore
E. chestnut, walnut
Arbor Art
Name the Japanese art of growing dwarfed and ornamentally-shaped trees in small pots.
Forest Products
Forests of teak trees are found in ...
A. Norway
B. Angola
C. Morocco
D. Thailand
E. New Zealand
Koala Cuisine
The diet of the Australian koala consists of leaves from what kind of tree?
Tiny Trees
Trees only a few feet in height but over a century old are found ...
A. at timberline
B. on coral atolls
C. in desert biomes
D. near volcanic vents
E. growing in alkaline soils
National Parks
In what national park is there an abundance of Joshua trees?
Climbing Critters
Which is best equipped for climbing trees?
A. pika
B. ocelot
C. nautilus
D. manatee
E. terrapin
The Name Game
Observing its ability to rub out pencil marks, the British chemist Joseph Priestley gave the English name to what natural substance extracted from certain tropical trees?
In 1871, over 1200 lives were lost and 2 billion trees were burned in a huge forest fire named after what Wisconsin town that was destroyed?
Which term refers to the layer formed by the tallest trees and branches in the forest?
A. hood
B. canopy
C. awning
D. cowling
E. umbrella
Indian Art
Animate or inanimate objects considered to have a blood or supernatural relationship to a clan or race were carved into tree trunks by American Indians of the northwest coast. These carved trees are called ...
Agricultural Land
When cleared of trees, which soil becomes sterile and nearly useless for agriculture after just a few years?
A. taiga soil
B. desert soil
C. jungle soil
D. prairie soil
E. coastal soil
Marshes are open spaces covered mostly by water-tolerant grasses. What wetlands are dominated by trees and shrubs?
It was formed millions of years ago from a sticky fluid that oozed from the bark of evergreen trees. It is yellow or orange and often contains the preserved bodies of insects. Name this fossilized resin.
Which creatures infest fruit trees?
A. ticks
B. aphids
C. scorpions
D. tarantulas
E. caddis flies
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Answers to Trees
1. C
2. coal
3. A
4. beaver
5. C
6. D
7. timberline
8. D
9. Amazon
10. C
11. Petrified Forest
12. A
13. redwood, sequoia
14. C
15. pitch
16. B
17. bonsai
18. D
19. eucalyptus
20. A
21. Joshua Tree N.P.
22. B
23. rubber
24. Peshtigo
25. B
26. totem poles
27. C
28. swamps
29. amber
30. B
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