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Wind Speed
Winds must attain a minimum sustained velocity of how many miles per hour in order to be classified as a hurricane?
A. 65
B. 74
C. 90
D. 104
E. 112
Which region receives the greatest number of thunderstorms annually?
A. the Gulf Coast
B. northern Alaska
C. the Pacific Coast
D. the Great Basin area
E. the Great Lakes area
When a tornado passes through a neighborhood, corks will pop out of wine bottles and houses will literally explode. What causes these things to occur?
Hurricane Hazards
The island most likely to be hammered by a hurricane is ...
A. Baffin
B. Kodiak
C. Jamaica
D. Sardinia
E. Vancouver
Storm Pronouns
Prior to the late 1970s, what third-person pronoun was always used with respect to hurricanes?
The funnel-shaped cloud of a tornado extends to the earth
from what kind of cloud above?
A. cirrus
B. nimbus
C. fractus
D. stratus
E. ominous
The strongest winds come from ...
A. monsoons
B. tornadoes
C. hurricanes
D. dust devils
E. thunderstorms
Baguios in the Philippines are the same as ---- in the West Indies.
Atmospheric Pressure
Very low atmospheric pressure prevails in a tornado because of its ...
A. high electrical potential
B. low ion content
C. great vorticity
D. formation in regions of low altitude
E. low insolation
Tornado Time
Tornadoes occur most frequently during which months?
A. May and June
B. March and April
C. January and February
D. September and October
E. November and December
Pacific Storms
In the Atlantic, they are hurricanes. What do they call these storms in the western Pacific?
Storm Tracks
Most hurricanes and tropical storms travel through the Caribbean in what direction?
A. northwesterly
B. southwesterly
C. southeasterly
D. northeasterly
By far, the greatest number of tornadoes occurs annually in what country?
Serious Storms
A 1997 hurricane devastated the region around ...
A. Benghazi, Libya
B. Beirut, Lebanon
C. Munich, Germany
D. Montreal, Canada
E. Acapulco, Mexico
Storm Intensity
A Japanese-American meteorologist named Tetsuya T. Fujita developed the Fujita Intensity Scale which measures what type of storm?
What type of radar is used to predict the development of a tornado or to detect wind shear?
Tornado Zones
Which state is not situated in a tornado zone?
A. Idaho
B. Illinois
C. Missouri
D. Nebraska
E. Mississippi
The Atmosphere
Cyclones and hurricanes occur in which layer of the atmosphere?
Tempestuous Terrain
That part of the Midwest where tornadoes frequently occur is known as Tornado ...
A. Lane
B. Alley
C. Street
D. Avenue
E. Boulevard
Severe Weather
What kind of storm is described below?
You cannot breathe with the wind blowing full in your face.
You cannot see, the impact on your eyeball of ocean spray
and rain flying at over 100 mph making seeing impossible.
Tropical Storms
People in what country refer to severe tropical storms as willy-willies?
Stormy Weather
It would be most unlikely for a hurricane to develop over the ...
A. Bering Sea
B. Indian Ocean
C. South Pacific
D. Caribbean Sea
E. Central Atlantic
Air Circulation
The air flow is downward and, near the bottom, outward. As the air descends, it is compressed and therefore warmed, which decreases its relative humidity below saturation. This explains why the sky is clear in what part of a hurricane?
Stormy Seas
As a hurricane sweeps across the Caribbean Sea and heads for the North American mainland, it will be preceded by a sudden rise in sea level of 10 feet or more. This phenomenon is a ...
In 1999, an Oklahoma tornado that left a half-mile-wide path of destruction was declared a rare F5. For what does the "F" stand?
'Tis the Season
The peak season for hurricanes includes the months of ...
A. May and June
B. March and April
C. January and February
D. August and September
E. November and December
Types of Tornadoes
Tornadoes occur on central continental plains, notably those of the U.S. and Australia. They also occur at sea, where they are called ...
Hurricanes originating near the equator over the Atlantic usually first move in which direction?
A. easterly
B. westerly
C. southerly
D. southeasterly
E. northeasterly
On the Beaufort scale, 1 indicates calm and 12 indicates a ...
Tornado Alley
What state is at the southern end of Tornado Alley?
A. Texas
B. Kansas
C. Florida
D. Mississippi
E. South Carolina

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Answers to Storms quiz
1. B
2. A
3. low pressure
4. C
5. she
6. B
7. B
8. hurricanes
9. C
10. A
11. typhoons
12. A
13. United States
14. E
15. tornado
16. Doppler radar
17. A
18. troposphere
19. B
20. hurricane
21. Australia
22. A
23. the eye
24. storm surge
25. Fujita (scale)
26. D
27. waterspouts
28. B
29. hurricane
30. A
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