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Sports Medicine
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Sports Physiology
Endurance of muscles largely depends upon the amount of what substance stored in the muscle prior to the period of exercise?
Athletic Anatomy
In comparison to average adults, trained athletes have ...
A. larger hearts
B. smaller lungs
C. longer intestines
D. smaller cerebrums
E. less flexible bones
A Runner's Lament
Prolonged running on a hard surface may lead to pain in the anterior compartment of the tibia. Name this condition.
Range of Motion
The degree of movement and rotation possible in one's body and joints is described as ...
Muscle Trauma
A hip pointer is a bruise or tear in a muscle that attaches to the top of the ...
A. ilium
B. tibia
C. humerus
D. patella
E. zygomatic
Sports Nutrition
What colloquial term indicates the ingestion of large amounts of complex carbohydrates to produce extra energy reserves for physically demanding athletic activities?
What is the two-word name for the extra amount of oxygen that must be taken into the body after an athletic event to restore all of the metabolic systems to their normal state?
Fitness and Fatness
What is the slang phrase for the rolls of fat around the midriff?
Staying Power
What synonym for endurance also means the power to sustain effort or strenuous activity?
Training Tips
Prior to vigorous exercise, an athlete will engage in a brief period of stretching and loosening activities. This is called ...
A diver who breathes compressed air for several hours will saturate her bodily tissues with dissolved nitrogen. She must return to the surface slowly through a process called ...
First Aid
Three illnesses related to hot weather exertion are listed below.
Put them in their order of severity from least to worst.
1. heat exhaustion
2. heat stroke
3. heat cramps
Marathon Running
At about mile eighteen to twenty, most marathon runners feel they simply cannot go any farther. Their reserves are gone, their strength is gone, they are nauseous, and their legs are in pain. What three-word phrase describes this point in the race?
Bad Sports
In football, clipping is a foul most often associated with injury to a player's ...
A. eye
B. neck
C. knee
D. finger
E. shoulder
Exercising Choice
Which activity would be the best example of a cardiovascular exercise?
A. rowing
B. isometrics
C. hang gliding
D. table tennis
E. reading "Sports Illustrated"
Flexibility is one of the two main variables when analyzing the musculoskeletal system of an athlete. Name the other.
What compound word indicates the period of gentle, reduced activity following vigorous exercise?
An athlete who has injured a hamstring could have injured a ...
A. bone
B. tendon
C. neuron
D. cartilage
E. blood vessel
Harm to the Arm
Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are both examples of ...
A. scleritis
B. phlebitis
C. nephritis
D. tendonitis
E. peritonitis
Athletic Advantage
Some runners, attempting to improve endurance in long-distance events, will receive a transfusion of their own blood shortly before a race. What is the name for this practice?
Sports Sickness
Cerebral edema and pulmonary edema are two types of sickness which sometimes affect hiking enthusiasts ...
A. in hot weather
B. in cold weather
C. at low altitudes
D. at high altitudes
E. who are not well-conditioned
Ear Injuries
A cauliflower ear is mostly associated with which sport?
A. tennis
B. boxing
C. surfing
D. football
E. shooting
Normal tension of muscles is called muscle ...
Muscle Physiology
Sports physiologists classify the two types of muscle fibers as ...
A. smooth and rippled
B. fast and slow twitch
C. aerobic and anaerobic
D. short pull and long pull
E. detached and attached
A quadriceps strain can be caused by ...
A. overexertion during pushups
B. excessive numbers of pull-ups
C. doing sit-ups with no warm-up
D. suddenly stopping while running
E. poor stroking with a tennis racket
Hazards of Play
A participant in which sport is most susceptible to the bends?
A. sailing
B. scuba diving
C. hang gliding
D. rock climbing
E. cross country skiing
Feel the Burn
Which substance accumulates in muscle tissue and causes fatigue?
A. lactic acid
B. nitric acid
C. citric acid
D. nucleic acid
E. prussic acid
What class of compounds has been used since the 1950s in large doses by athletes wanting to maximize their speed, endurance, and power, even though the likely cost may be a shortened or physically impaired life?
Sports Injuries
What type of injury commonly results from sliding into second base?
A. abrasion
B. incision
C. fracture
D. puncture
E. laceration
Cyclists must be careful to avoid dehydration.
Which fluid is most quickly absorbed by the body?
A. milk
B. water
C. natural fruit juices
D. carbonated beverages
E. Gatorade or other electrolyte replacement drinks
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Answers to Sports Medicine
1. glycogen
2. A
3. shin splints
4. flexibility
5. A
6. carboloading
7. oxygen debt
8. love handles
9. stamina
10. warm-up
11. decompression
12. 3-1-2
13. hitting the wall
14. C
15. A
16. strength
17. cooldown
18. B
19. D
20. blood-doping
21. D
22. B
23. tone (tonus)
24. B
25. D
26. B
27. A
28. (anabolic) steroids
29. A
30. B
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