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Train Tracks
What is the railroad term for the distance between the parallel rails of track?
Railroad Routes
The transcontinental railroad did not pass through ...
A. Utah
B. Nevada
C. Nebraska
D. Montana
E. Wyoming
A revolutionary train design eliminates steel track and wheels altogether by levitating the entire train. Levitation is accomplished by means of ...
A. airfoils
B. microwaves
C. magnetic fields
D. compressed gasses
E. matter-antimatter reactions
Figures of Speech
What is the most common example of onomatopoeia regarding a locomotive?
Notable Names
What other name is usually associated with Atchison and Topeka?
In the 1860s, dining and sleeping cars for American railroads were designed and built by ...
A. Jay Gould
B. Eli Whitney
C. George Pullman
D. Leland Stanford
E. George Westinghouse
The B & O Railroad, chartered in 1827, was the first U.S. railway to carry passengers and freight. For what do the letters in its name stand?
American Scandals
What financial scandal that epitomized post-Civil War corruption involved a construction company for the Union Pacific Railroad?
A. Goldbugs
B. Credit Mobilier
C. Danbury Hatters
D. Kitchen Cabinet
E. Greenback Party
He Had a Hammer
Name the legendary black American railroad worker who died from exertion after successfully competing with his hammer and steel bit against a mechanical steam hammer.
Most cross-country passenger trains in the United States are operated by what semi-public corporation?
Foundations of Railroading
Material such as gravel, crushed rock, slag, or cinders used on a railroad line to improve drainage and provide a firm, level surface for the ties is called ...
A. ballast
B. highline
C. railhead
D. track pan
E. featherbedding
Legendary Trains
These lyrics describe what train?
From the great Atlantic Ocean
to the wide Pacific shore,
From the queen of flowing rivers
through the southland's verdant door
She's mighty tall and handsome
and known quite well by all.
Train Stations
Pennsylvania Station is one of the two major railroad stations in New York City. Name the other.
Railroad History
America's first locomotive ran on a short stretch of track near Baltimore, Maryland. It was called the ...
A. Argus
B. General
C. Clermont
D. Enola Gay
E. Tom Thumb
Train Cars
The last car in a freight train is the ...
Railroad Atrocities
The Union Pacific Railroad paid the following fees for what?
Hides sold for $1.25.
Tongues fetched $.75.
Hindquarters brought one-tenth
of a cent per pound
Construction Capital
In the 19th century, large amounts of capital were needed to build railroads throughout the U.S. Most funds were provided by ...
A. stock sales
B. mining moguls
C. European investors
D. federal and state grants
E. corporations of mountain men
 Train Technology
The first bullet train was designed to run at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. It was developed in what country?
Novel Creatures
Which novel is about railroads?
A. The Birds
B. The Octopus
C. The Gold Bug
D. The Silver Locusts
E. The Maltese Falcon
African Transportation
The railroads of which African nation carry practically half of the entire continent's freight?
A. Sudan
B. Egypt
C. Angola
D. Algeria
E. South Africa
Point to Point
The part of the transcontinental railway constructed by the Central Pacific Company began in Sacramento, California. Where was its ending point in Utah?
Choo-Choo Physics
Train engineers sometimes put sand on the tracks to increase ...
A. lift
B. inertia
C. friction
D. buoyancy
E. momentum
Early Transportation
During the 1830s, as railroads were just being introduced, a locomotive was also known as what kind of equine?
Those assets of a railroad that operate along the rails, such as railroad cars and locomotives, are collectively known by what two-word phrase?
American Legends
Which legendary figure worked for the railroads?
A. Jim Bowie
B. Davy Jones
C. Paul Revere
D. John Chapman
E. John Luther Jones
Luxury Lines
What well-known European train connected these cities?
It was a supply base and a railhead on the Santa Fe line for cattle shipment. Name this town known for its cemetery, Boot Hill.
A. Laramie
B. Billings
C. Dodge City
D. Tombstone
E. Cripple Creek
In the late 1800s, many thousands of immigrants from what Asian country were employed as laborers on the new railroads of the American West?
Federal Agencies
Railroads which operate in two or more states are under the control of the ...
A. Federal Trade Commission
B. Public Service Commission
C. Department of the Interior
D. Interstate Commerce Commission
E. Securities & Exchange Commission
Russian Railroads
When it was completed in 1904, it enabled passengers to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok in under a fortnight. Name this railway.

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Answers to Railroads
1. gauge
2. D
3. C
4. choo-choo
5. Santa Fe
6. C
7. Baltimore and Ohio
8. B
9. John Henry
10. Amtrak
11. A
12. Wabash Cannonball
13. Grand Central Station
14. E
15. caboose
16. buffalo
17. D
18. Japan
19. B
20. E
21. Promontory Point
22. C
23. iron horse
24. rolling stock
25. E
26. Orient Express
27. C
28. China
29. D
30. Trans-Siberian Railway
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