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politician auk
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Legislative Seats
Legislative seats are distributed according to population through a process known as ...
A. adjournment
B. apportionment
C. expropriation
D. featherbedding
E. nationalization
Hard-Ball Politics
What five-letter term refers to the imprisonment or murder of political opponents within a party or country?
Peddling Influence
A group of citizens or businesses that attempt to influence congressional decisions is sometimes referred to as a "PAC." For what does this abbreviation stand?
Election Laws
A TV station that does not allow a candidate to present political advertisements could be violating the ...
A. shield law
B. equal time ruling
C. fair staging concept
D. impartiality proviso
E. fair comment & criticism standard
What is the name for the general political activity that consists of organized actions by a political party or a candidate, designed to attract voter support in an election?
States Rights
A consistent "states rights" advocate would oppose ...
A. local elections of school boards
B. building interstate highways
C. national military services
D. passing strong divorce laws in a state
E. federal aid to education
Political Organizations
What hyphenated adjective describes political organizations such as the Moral Majority, the National Organization for Women, the Sierra Club, the National Rifle Association, and Common Cause?
Members of what major U.S. political party are associated, correctly or incorrectly, with the interests of business, the propertied, and those opposed to the ideas of the welfare state and "big government?"
Political Support
A person who joins the majority after withholding support until the popular majority is clearly known is climbing aboard or jumping on what type of conveyance?
Making Laws
Legislative measures unlikely to pass are sometimes tacked onto a bill assured of passage. Such measures are known as ...
A. riders
B. decrees
C. codicils
D. subpoenas
E. supplements
Tough Tactics
After the House passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a group of Southern senators staged a fifty-seven day debate and the issue was precluded from coming to a vote. Such a tactic is called a ..
Political Expressions
When Ellis Ivy was elected governor, he appointed his brother as attorney general, his uncle as superintendent of public instruction, his daughter as comptroller, and his wife as hospital safety czar. Such granting of political favors to relatives is called ...
The Political Spectrum
Which organization is the most politically conservative?
A. John Birch Society
B. United Farm Workers
C. Congress of Racial Equality
D. National Organization of Women
E. American Civil Liberties Union
Theodore Roosevelt used what term to describe fanatical or irrational members of political and religious groups?
A. scalawags
B. booboisie
C. Typhoid Marys
D. lunatic fringe
E. Callithumpian band
Government Jobs
In the United States, it originated with the spoils system. What is the 3-syllable name for this practice in which jobs and favors are distributed to the politically faithful rather than according to merit?
What title is given to the assistant to the majority and minority leader in Congress who is responsible for enforcing party discipline?
Political Power
What name, first used in the 18th century, implies that journalists wield as much political power as the nobility, the clergy, and the masses?
Political Practices
Elbridge Gerry, former governor of Massachusetts and vice president under Madison, is memorable because his name became part of what political term meaning to rearrange electoral districts for political gain?
Candidates who spread malicious or derogatory statements about their opponents during a political campaign are engaged in ...
A. filth flinging
B. bilge hurling
C. mud slinging
D. grime heaving
E. sludge throwing
Bakery Politics
Which slang term describes politicians who flip-flop on issues?
A. waffle
B. cookie
C. strudel
D. flapjack
E. doughnut
Campaign Reform
Political campaigning by federal employees is restricted by which act passed in 1939?
A. Dawes Act
B. Hatch Act
C. Simonds Act
D. Townshend Act
E. Burlington Act
Political Favors
Senator Westman and Senator Eastman agreed to vote for each other's bills, even though neither had any genuine interest in the other's proposed legislation. Name this legislative practice.
Liberals and Conservatives
Candidates are often classified as being conservative or liberal. Which term is associated with those who are very conservative?
A. left wing
B. high wing
C. right wing
D. mono wing
E. black wing
Political Jargon
What is the two-word expression for a "physician" of sorts whose main responsibility is to shape positive news coverage out of unfavorable political stories?
During what season are the U.S. presidential conventions held?
To move from site to site or from town to town making campaign speeches is to ...
A. slate
B. stump
C. caucus
D. mandate
E. stand down
Political Players
What term, first used in the 1830s to describe those who frequented the hallways of government buildings, applies to a person who attempts to influence legislation for the benefit of a special-interest group?
Nominating Conventions
James Polk was not well known as a candidate and his presidential nomination had not been expected. Therefore he was a ...
A. low rider
B. dark horse
C. top banana
D. small potato
E. fly in the ointment
What political doctrine was suggested by Alexander Pope with these words?
Be not the first by whom the new are tried,
nor yet the last to lay the old aside.
Campaign Promises
The individual items or principles upon which a political party bases its campaign are called ...
A. logs
B. planks
C. tickets
D. compacts
E. platforms
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Answers to Politics
1. B
2. purge
3. political action committee
4. B
5. campaign
6. E
7. special-interest
8. Republican
9. bandwagon
10. A
11. filibuster
12. nepotism
13. A
14. D
15. patronage
16. whip
17. fourth estate
18. gerrymandering
19. C
20. A
21. B
22. logrolling
23. C
24. spin doctor
25. summer
26. B
27. lobbyist
28. B
29. conservatism
30. B
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