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Everyday Optics
They can be used to view objects that are out of the line of sight. They can increase illumination and focus heat or light. They can enlarge or reduce images. Name these polished surfaces that reflect light rays.
The point at which a lens concentrates the light rays which pass through it is the ...
A. focus
B. plane
C. radius
D. ocular
E. diaphragm
Optical Phenomena
You are looking at a paintbrush through the side of a clear glass filled with water. What phenomenon explains why the paintbrush seems to bend and become larger where it enters the water?
Visual Acuity
The capability of the eyes or lenses to distinguish fine detail is called ...
A. dilution
B. evolution
C. resolution
D. revolution
E. absolution
Lens Shapes
A lens that is thinner at the center than at the edge is described as ...
Optical Terms
The distance from a lens to the point where the light rays converge is called ...
With all mirrors, the angle of incidence equals the angle of ...
A. reflection
B. refraction
C. dispersion
D. diffraction
E. interference
Glass prisms produce spectra by ...
A. reflection
B. refraction
C. interference
D. transmission
E. magnification
Prism Properties
The angle of refraction in any given prism depends on the shape of the prism as well as the material from which the prism was made and what property of the light entering it?
Which of the two major categories of lenses is most often used to correct the sight of a person with myopia?
Optical telescopes detect ...
A. X-rays
B. visible light
C. radio waves
D. magnetic waves
E. infrared radiation
The spectrum produced when a beam of white light passes through a prism can be recombined to form white light by passing it through ...
A. a slit
B. another prism
C. a spectroscope
D. a concave lens
E. a diffraction grating
Fixing the Flaws
This 1994 quote describes what refurbished scientific instrument?
Its eyesight is now so sharp, that if it
were sitting in Washington, it could
spot a firefly in Tokyo.
Optical Density
Which material has the greatest optical density?
A. water
B. diamond
C. crystal
D. obsidian
E. window glass
Optical Instruments
What common optical instrument consists of two refracting telescopes, each containing a pair of prisms to increase the effective focal length and produce an upright image?
Special lenses on cameras that allow only certain colors to pass through are called ...
A. filters
B. pupils
C. prisms
D. scopes
E. objectives
Seeing the Stars
Telescopes enable us to see distant stars which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye because they ...
A. magnify the stars
B. gather more light from the stars
C. seem to bring the stars closer
D. eliminate extraneous light
E. occlude star light
A diverging lens is mostly concave. A diverging mirror is ...
Light Filters
When you look at a blue object through a red filter the object appears as what color?
Optical Illusions
The "water" in a mirage is usually ...
A. very dense air
B. a reflection of the sky
C. just one's imagination
D. the hot surface of the earth
E. a reflection of a distant storm
The ocular lens in a microscope was marked 20x and the total magnifying power of the instrument was 640x. What was the power of the objective lens?
The image of an object formed by a plane mirror is always ...
A. diffused
B. inverted
C. diminished
D. reversed from side to side
E. larger than the actual object
The law of light reflection applies to which of these?
A. mirrors only
B. all surfaces
C. any flat surfaces
D. smooth surfaces only
E. any completely black surfaces
Finding Focus
When an object is focused by a lens, the range of distance in front of and behind the object within which everything will also be in focus is called the ...
Pretty Patterns
This instrument produces symmetrical patterns by repeating the reflections of objects in a pair of mirrors. Name this device that consists of a tube with a glass box of colored bits of glass at one end and a peep hole at the other.
Automotive Optics
Some drivers prefer their driving mirrors to be convex rather than plane because the ...
A. images are clearer
B. images appear closer
C. field of view is wider
D. images are not inverted
E. depth of field is deeper
Telescope Types
The two main classes of telescopes include the refractors which use lenses and the reflectors which use ...
Mirror, Mirror ...
If the image is inverted, the mirror is ...
A. plane
B. convex
C. concave
D. bifocal
E. prismatic
Optical Properties
What noun describes the property of a material that permits the passage of radiation but not without some scattering or diffusion?
A magnifying glass typically incorporates what type of lens?
A. plano-convex
B. plano-concave
C. double-convex
D. double-concave
E. convexo-concave

Answers to Optics
1. mirrors
2. A
3. refraction
4. C
5. concave
6. focal length (focal distance)
7. A
8. B
9. wavelength (or color)
10. concave
11. B
12. B
13. Hubble Space Telescope
14. D
15. binoculars
16. A
17. B
18. convex
19. black
20. B
21. 32x
22. D
23. B
24. depth of field
25. kaleidoscope
26. C
27. mirrors
28. B
29. translucence
30. C
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