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What sea is bordered by these countries?
The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the world, containing 27% dissolved solids. What is the approximate percentage of dissolved solids in the world's oceans?
Which shell that she sells by the seashore is not a bivalve?
A. conch
B. cockle
C. mussel
D. oyster
E. scallop
The Atlantic
What sea is really a huge eddy in the Atlantic?
A. Red Sea
B. Coral Sea
C. Bering Sea
D. Aegean Sea
E. Sargasso Sea
What sea lies east of Oman, south of Pakistan, and west of India?
Ocean Water
About what percentage of the water on Earth is in the oceans?
A. 86%
B. 89%
C. 93%
D. 97%
E. 99%
Fish Anatomy
Gills are part of which body system in fish?
Swell Physics
Wind blowing across the surface of water produces ocean waves by means of ...
A. inertia
B. friction
C. hydrolysis
D. evaporation
E. transpiration
The shells of brachiopods are composed of ...
A. lime
B. chitin
C. myelin
D. calcium chloride
E. calcium carbonate
Entrances & Exits
You are sailing on the Sea of Marmara. By sailing to the west you could exit to the Aegean Sea. But by sailing to the northeast, you would enter what other sea?
Which fish is especially known for its difficult spawning run?
A. dolphin
B. bluefin tuna
C. Atlantic cod
D. silver salmon
E. pickled herring
Ocean Land Forms
What organism is responsible for these land forms?
fringing reefs
barrier reefs
Wave Height
The greatest height that a sea wave can achieve is about one-seventh of its ...
Icy Sea, I See
For three or four months every winter, most of the ports on which sea are icebound?
A. Red Sea
B. Baltic Sea
C. Yellow Sea
D. Arabian Sea
E. Sea of Japan
Sea Life
Which category of ocean creatures has the ability to swim against a current?
A. nekton
B. benthos
C. plankton
D. euphotic
E. sargassum
Group Identalty
Identify the mammals that are divided into two broad groups, toothed and baleen.
Which land feature is found at the greatest ocean depths?
A. abyssal plain
B. submarine canyon
C. continental shelf
D. continental slope
E. continental margin
Fish Habitat
It would not be possible to catch which fish at the site with which it is paired?
A. pompano - Gulf of Mexico
B. sailfish - Sea of Cortez
C. bluegill - Lake Okeechobee
D. walleye - San Francisco Bay
E. catfish - Mississippi River
Another name for the Sea of Cortez is the Gulf of ...
Marine Zoology
Which creature is not classified as a marine fish?
A. tuna
B. halibut
C. manatee
D. grouper
E. whale shark
Ocean Extremes
Name the deepest spot in the oceans.
Ocean Explorers
These men were associated with the exploration of which ocean?
Abel Tasman
George Vancouver
Vitus Bering
Francis Drake
The Indian Ocean
A triangle covering the greatest part of the Indian Ocean could be formed by drawing a line from Australia to Sri Lanka to ...
A. Oman
B. India
C. Burma
D. Indonesia
E. Madagascar
The main mineral in seawater is ...
A. silicon
B. chlorine
C. potassium
D. sulfur dioxide
E. sodium chloride
Water, Water Everywhere
Water covers approximately what percentage of the Earth?
A. 50
B. 60
C. 70
D. 80
E. 90
What type of whale has been measured by sonar to dive to a record depth of over 3,900 feet?
The enormous waves resulting from underwater landslides or earthquakes are called ...
A. tsunamis
B. tidal bores
C. refraction waves
D. plunging breakers
E. recirculation waves
Sea Safety
These safety precautions are advised with what predator in mind?
Keep your back to something.
Carry a pole to fend off an attack.
Get out of the water if bleeding.
Don't splash the water's surface.
European Seas
Which is the largest European sea?
A. North Sea
B. Baltic Sea
C. Caspian Sea
D. Adriatic Sea
E. Mediterranean Sea
Ocean Waves
The velocity of the wind and the distance over which the wind blows are two of the three main factors upon which the height of waves depends. Name the third.
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Answers to Oceans
1. Mediterranean
2. 3% to 4%
3. A
4. E
5. Arabian Sea
6. D
7. respiratory
8. B
9. E
10. Black Sea
11. D
12. coral
13. wavelength
14. B
15. A
16. whales
17. A
18. D
19. California
20. C
21. Marianas Trench
22. Pacific Ocean
23. E
24. E
25. C
26. sperm whale
27. A
28. shark
29. E
30. how long the wind blows
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