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Musical Instruments
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Sounds of War
Consider Tchaikovsky's "War of 1812." What family of musical instruments did he use to portray the sounds of cannon fire and bombs bursting?

Musical Groups
Guitars, percussion, and brass instruments make up most ...
A. jug bands
B. brass bands
C. citizens bands
D. mariachi bands
E. marching bands

The modern orchestra is typically made up of four basic types of instruments including strings, woodwinds, percussion, and ...

Similar Sounds
Which instrument was also known as a clavier during the 18th century?
A. harp
B. bassoon
C. tympani
D. marimba
E. harpsichord

The dulcimer was a forerunner of the modern ...
A. tuba
B. piano
C. trumpet
D. saxophone
E. bass drum

Instrument Families
Which group of musical instruments requires the vibration of the player's lips to make the air in the instrument vibrate?

Musical Limits
The full extent of tones that a voice or instrument is capable of producing is called its ...

A string quartet includes two violins, one viola, and one ...
A. fife
B. harp
C. cello
D. zither
E. bass viol

Unusual Instruments
This passage describes what instrument?

It consists of five tubes. The player
blows into the bag through one. He
plays the tune on another. The other
three tubes make droning sounds.

The Keyboard
The A-flat key on a piano is also known as ...
A. G-sharp
B. B-sharp
C. F-sharp
D. H-sharp
E. D-sharp

What common musical instrument of the percussion family might be described as concave metal plates struck together?

Musical Geography
Which instrument is not usually associated with the country with which it is paired?
A. sitar - India
B. balalaika - Egypt
C. ukelele - Hawaii
D. steel drum - Jamaica
E. alpenhorn - Switzerland

All musical instruments having holes that are covered by the fingers or by pads worked by the fingers belong to what group?

A flute and a banjo produce a note having the same pitch. They sound different because of a difference in ...
A. frequency
B. amplitude
C. overtones
D. wavelength
E. rarefaction

Horn History
By the late 17th century in France, the hunting horn emerged with a wide, flaring bell and a tube length of up to 14 ft. This was an obvious prototype of what modern instrument?

What type of upright piano is operated by a moving perforated scroll?

Musical Instruments
Which brass instrument has no valves?

Which instrument generally produces the highest pitch?
A. cello
B. piccolo
C. bassoon
D. Sousaphone
E. French horn

Wind Instruments
Which instrument has a reed?
A. tuba
B. bugle
C. clarinet
D. trumpet
E. trombone

Instrument Names
What is another name for a mouth organ?

Which is not a drum?
A. fife
B. bongo
C. snare
D. tom-tom
E. tambourine

Instrument Identification
The marimba most closely resembles which other instrument in appearance?
A. gong
B. piccolo
C. mandolin
D. castanet
E. xylophone

Big Brass
Name the heaviest and loudest of the brass instruments.

Sum Strings
What is the sum of the strings on these instruments?

Instrumental Fundamentals
Which musical instrument lacks frets?
A. banjo
B. guitar
C. violin
D. ukulele
E. mandolin

Symphony Orchestras
About two-thirds of the chairs in a symphony orchestra belong to what family of instruments?

Keyboard music is not written for ...
A. organ
B. piano
C. tympani
D. clavichord
E. harpsichord

Notable Names
What type of excellent musical instrument is associated with the name Stradivarius?

Which instrument is a double-reed woodwind and the bass of the oboe family?
A. bassoon
B. coronet
C. piccolo
D. xylophone
E. saxophone

Percussion Instruments
What instrument consists of a small drumhead with jingling disks around its rim?

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Answers to Musical Instruments
1. percussion
2. D
3. brass
4. E
5. B
6. brass
7. range
8. C
9. bagpipes
10. A
11. cymbals
12. B
13. woodwinds
14. C
15. French horn
16. player piano
17. trombone (bugle)
18. B
19. C
20. harmonica (panpipe)
21. A
22. E
23. tuba
24. 12
25. C
26. strings
27. C
28. violin
29. A
30. tambourine
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