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History of Mining
What is the name for the process of washing small amounts of dirt and gravel to look for gold?
Mining Geography
Arizona leads the rest of the nation in the production of which metal?
A. iron
B. gold
C. silver
D. copper
E. tungsten
Mineral Deposits
A long, branching mineral deposit is called a ...
Historic Passes
Many prospectors climbed up through Chilkoot Pass in search of gold. This pass is in ...
A. Alaska
B. Nevada
C. Colorado
D. California
E. the Black Hills
What three-letter term is applicable to the following?
He founded the British South Africa Company and made an enormous fortune in diamond mining. Name him.
A. Cecil Rhodes
B. T.E. Lawrence
C. Henry Stanley
D. James Macdonald
E. William Gladstone
What term, as used in the 1890s, could refer either to an Alaskan prospector or to a type of bread?
19th Century Sprawl
What settlement of 50 ramshackle huts in 1848 became a small city by the end of the following year with a population of 20,000 and a harbor full of deserted ships?
A. Boston
B. Galveston
C. Anchorage
D. New Orleans
E. San Francisco
Damp Deposits
What adjective describes those deposits of minerals that are found in stream beds?
Which minerals are not mined in the United States?
A. coal and lead
B. oil and iron ore
C. tin and asbestos
D. molybdenum and gold
E. manganese and silver
Resource Extraction
What mining technique involves removing all of the overburden in order to expose the desired mineral body?
Labor Unions
Who organized the United Mine Workers?
A. George Meany
B. John L. Lewis
C. Walter Reuther
D. David Dubinsky
E. Samuel Gompers
Word Derivations
This three-syllable word was derived from a Spanish term meaning fair weather and prosperity. It was used by early American prospectors for a very rich vein or pocket of ore. What is the term?
Mining Vocabulary
Sourdough Sam found a large grouping of silver veins. This kind of deposit is called a ...
A. lode
B. dike
C. dome
D. head
E. placer
The Old West
What two-syllable term was used in the Old West for supplies or funds furnished to a prospector?
Which material is commonly extracted from quarries?
A. coal
B. peat
C. marble
D. potash
E. copper
Ancient Mines
Mines on the Cornwall peninsula in southwestern England were dug in the thirteenth century B.C. by Phoenicians searching for what metal used to make bronze?
Worthless Words
The worthless rock in which valuable mineral deposits are found is called ...
A. drift
B. stope
C. tipple
D. gangue
E. scuttle
20-mule teams brought borax out of what California valley?
Gold may be separated from other sediments by panning because it has a high ...
A. ductility
B. reflectivity
C. malleability
D. conductivity
E. specific gravity
Mineral Analysis
The mineral content of an ore deposit is qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed through what procedure?
An ore vein is typically a ...
A. placer deposit
B. sedimentary deposit
C. hydrothermal deposit
D. contact-metamorphic deposit
E. magmatic segregation deposit
Over half the world's coal, estimated at some four trillion tons, is on what continent?
The Comstock Lode
The discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859 brought many miners to ...
A. Nevada
B. Montana
C. Colorado
D. California
E. South Dakota
What heavy metal, used to wash gold from sediment, has polluted many rivers throughout the world and poses a serious health hazard?
State Resources
Which resource is most heavily mined in states such as Kentucky and West Virginia?
A. coal
B. lead
C. gold
D. copper
E. diamonds
Rare Rock
This rare igneous rock often contains diamonds and occurs as narrow pipe intrusions. This formation is found mainly in South Africa, especially at Kimberley, after which it was named. Identify this rock.
Very Valuable Valleys
Which valley was the site of considerable gold prospecting during the mid-19th century?
A. Red River Valley
B. Ohio River Valley
C. Sacramento Valley
D. St. Lawrence Valley
E. Hudson River Valley
City Sounds
What name reminiscent of a loud sound was applied to any mining town in the western United States that grew up almost overnight?
Which ore is not correctly paired with a metal commonly extracted from it?
A. hematite - iron
B. galena - zinc
C. malachite - copper
D. bauxite - aluminum
E. rutile - titanium

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Answers to Mining
1. panning
2. D
3. vein
4. A
5. ore
6. A
7. sourdough
8. E
9. placer
10. C
11. strip mining
12. B
13. bonanza
14. A
15. grubstake
16. C
17. tin
18. D
19. Death Valley
20. E
21. assay
22. C
23. North America
24. A
25. mercury
26. A
27. kimberlite
28. C
29. boomtown
30. B
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