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Hairy Questions
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Native American Leaders
In 1876, he had a vision of Bluecoats falling like grasshoppers. He amassed over 12,000 warriors and destroyed "Long Hair" and his cavalry. Who was this Sioux Indian chief?
Asian Animals
Its body is covered with long and silky hair which hangs down like the wool of sheep. Tibetans have domesticated this ruminant mammal whose typical habitat is in the highest and coldest regions of Central Asia. Name this animal.
Human Hair
During the average human lifetime, each hair follicle on the scalp grows about how many feet of hair?
A. 1
B. 9
C. 30
D. 100
E. 240
Marvelous Monarchs
She was tall and red-haired. She spent considerable time in the Tower of London. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded at the order of her father. Who was this British queen?
The Skin
Specialized cells in the epidermis of the skin manufacture what tough substance in hair and nails?
What large, hairy, tropical spiders belong to the family, Theraphosidae?
1/3 of a pound of purple dye is needed to color the hair of 4 punk rockers. How many pounds of purple dye are needed to color the hair of 28 punk rockers?
A. 1.6
B. 2.3
C. 2.6
D. 3.3
E. 3.6
With what 1967 musical are these songs associated?
Good Morning Starshine
Let The Sunshine In
Where Do I Go?
The name for certain heavenly objects is derived from a Latin word which literally means "hairy star." What do we call these objects?
CIA Plots
Apparently the CIA once dreamed up a plan to dust a foreign leader's shoes with a hair-removing substance which would cause his beard to fall out. Name that Communist leader.
Women have shaved their legs for generations but hair still develops when they mature. This tends to disprove the theory of ...
A. evolution
B. natural selection
C. survival of the fittest
D. spontaneous generation
E. inheritance of acquired characteristics
The toes of its limbs end in strong curved claws. It lives upside down hanging by these claws on branches of trees. Algae grows in its hair giving it a greenish color. Name this very slow-moving animal of South America.
Mythical Monsters
She had an unusual hairdo comprised of snakes. Name this Gorgon whose head was removed by Perseus.
Physiological changes such as a lowering of the voice, increased body hair, and increased musculature all are effects of which hormone?
A. insulin
B. adrenalin
C. testosterone
D. somatotropin
E. parathormone
Short Stories
Name the ironical story in which a wife sells her hair to buy a watch chain for the husband who sold his watch to buy combs for his wife.
They are similar to flagella but smaller and more numerous. Name these thin, hairlike projections that function in cell movement.
What did Walt Whitman describe as "the beautiful uncut hair of graves"?
A. grass
B. people
C. epitaphs
D. skeletons
E. tombstones
In 1900, a Russian hunter was 100 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle when he saw a frozen shaggy beast. Its body was covered with thick hair and it had long curved tusks. What had he found?
Name the delicate, fibrous, high-altitude clouds resembling feathers or wisps of hair.
Root Hairs
The root hairs of plants that absorb water and dissolved minerals from the soil arise from the ...
A. xylem
B. stomata
C. epidermis
D. vascular cambium
E. central cylinder
Fantasy Folks
What fictional beings are described below?
They are smaller than dwarves but larger than
Lilliputians. They are inclined to be fat in the stomach.
Their feet grow leathery soles and thick warm brown hair.
Tortured Titles
What composition by Modest Mussorgsky could have been but fortunately was not entitled "In the Wee Hours on Hairless Hill"?
Which term describes the color of a horse that has white hair dotted with dark spots over part or all of the body?
A. bay
B. roan
C. palomino
D. buckskin
E. Appaloosa
The axon is the part of a neuron that conducts a nerve impulse to a synapse. What is the name for the hairlike projections of a neuron that receive signals from across the synapse?
Which composer was an Italian priest with flaming red hair?
A. Puccini
B. Vivaldi
C. Paganini
D. Toscanini
E. Monteverdi
Name the hair-thin cables that can carry vast amounts of information, including high-quality video and audio signals by means of laser light.
Greek Stories
This flatterer of Dionysius the Elder was invited by the tyrant to sample the felicity he so much envied. He was seated at a sumptuous banquet, but over his head was a sword suspended by a single hair. Name him.
After it was rubbed on a person's hair, a balloon stuck to the ceiling. Why did this occur?
A. adhesion
B. friction
C. magnetism
D. dirt in the hair
E. static electricity
The words, "When in the course of human events" are largely the work of a tall, red-haired Virginian named ...
Predatory Plants
This describes what plant?
When an insect brushes the trigger hairs on the edge
of the leaves, the leaves close like clam shells.
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Answers to Hairy Questions
1. Sitting Bull
2. yak
3. C
4. Queen Elizabeth I
5. keratin
6. tarantulas
7. B
8. Hair
9. comets
10. Fidel Castro
11. E
12. sloth
13. Medusa
14. C
15. The Gift of the Magi
16. cilia
17. A
18. (woolly) mammoth
19. cirrus
20. C
21. hobbits
22. Night on Bald Mountain
23. E
24. dendrites
25. B
26. fiber optics
27. Damocles
28. E
29. Thomas Jefferson
30. Venus flytrap
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