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French History
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What French general was called the hero of two worlds, because he was prominent in both the American Revolution and the French Revolution?
The End of an Empire
The Napoleonic Wars finally ended with the 1815 British victory at ...
A. Dover
B. Verdun
C. Waterloo
D. Normandy
E. Versailles
World War II
The French intentionally left what major city undefended from the Germans in the Second World War to prevent its destruction?
Human Rights
Whose writings could not have influenced the "Declaration of the Rights of Man"?
A. Sartre
B. Diderot
C. Voltaire
D. Lafayette
E. Rousseau
War Weary
This passage describes what war?
The soldiers who had fought at Crecy had been dead
for years. Their children, their grandchildren and their
great-grandchildren had grown up, fought, and died,
and the English army was still fighting in France.
Birth of a Nation
Charles the Great was king of the Franks and Holy Roman emperor. In France he was known as ...
A. Bonaparte
B. Hugh Capet
C. Montesquieu
D. Charlemagne
E. Charles Martel
He was known mainly as a builder of bridges. Yet Alexandre Gustav Eiffel is credited with building what monument in Europe?
Who was not a French explorer?
A. Louis Joliet
B. Jean Nicolet
C. Sieur Duluth
D. Louis Pasteur
E. Samuel de Champlain
Prisoners & Prisons
Voltaire and the Marquis de Sade were among the most famous detainees in what Paris prison?
The D-day landings of the Second World War occurred in what province of France?
A. Brittany
B. Lorraine
C. Gascony
D. Dauphine
E. Normandy
Le Bon Mot
In 1958, he was quoted as saying, "How can one conceive of a one-party system in a country that has over 200 varieties of cheese." Who was this president of France?
Familiar French
The "Marseillaise" is a French ...
A. pastry
B. art museum
C. national anthem
D. parliamentary body
E. supersonic transport
Punishment Capitale
What device invented in 1792 remained a legal method of execution in France until 1981?
Royal Appetites
Marie Antoinette is reputed to have said, "Let them eat ..."
A. cake
B. steak
C. my hat
D. maggots
E. their words
Military Legends
What mercenary army originally formed by King Louis Philippe in 1831 to enforce French colonial power in Algeria continues to be involved in international peacekeeping activities?
Reign of Terror
The "Reign of Terror" in France is usually associated with ...
A. John Law
B. Robespierre
C. Charles Martel
D. Francois Mitterand
E. Napoleon Bonaparte
Ancient Regions
Gaul once consisted of present-day France and parts of Germany and Switzerland. Gaul was a province of what ancient civilization?
Historical Lines
The Maginot Line was ...
A. a family of French leaders
B. a system of fortifications
C. an important railroad system
D. a famous speech by the Jacobins
E. the border between France and Spain
What French monarch known as the Sun King once remarked, "I am the state"?
Famous Frenchmen
Which Frenchman would have been particularly dependent upon a compass and astrolabe?
A. Pierre Curie
B. Victor Hugo
C. Louis Braille
D. Jacques Cartier
E. Charles De Gaulle
Who was dictator of France while Adams and Jefferson were presidents?
Great Escapes
The British admiralty estimated that 222 naval vessels and 665 other craft besides private vessels participated in the evacuation of 335,000 men from the beaches of what French city in 1940?
A Different Death
During the tumult of the French Revolution, who "kept his head while others were losing theirs"?
A. Louis XVI
B. Jean Marat
C. Georges Danton
D. Marie Antoinette
E. Maximilien Robespierre
Liberating Women
Commanded by divine voices, this peasant girl went to Charles VII and obtained an army to free France from its English domination. She was ...
A. Esmeralda
B. Joan of Arc
C. Madame Defarge
D. Marie Antoinette
E. Catherine de Medici
European Alliances
When war broke out in 1914, the three members of the Triple Entente included France and what other two nations?
French Forebears
Louisiana's Cajuns are the descendants of people exiled from Acadia, a former French colony in ...
A. Vietnam
B. the Coral Sea
C. eastern Canada
D. North Africa
E. northeastern South America
What French leader launched a massive invasion of Russia in 1812?
Famous Frenchmen
He was born in France in 1809 with normal eyesight. But he accidentally punctured one eye which led to an infection that eventually blinded him. By the age of 15 he invented a raised dot system of writing. Name him.
Which event occurred after the French Revolution?
A. Battle of Tours
B. Peace of Westphalia
C. execution of Joan of Arc
D. construction of the Maginot Line
E. St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
Complete this rallying cry of the French Revolution.
Liberty - Equality -

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Answers to French History
1. Lafayette
2. C
3. Paris
4. A
5. Hundred Years War
6. D
7. Eiffel Tower
8. D
9. Le Bastille
10. E
11. Charles De Gaulle
12. C
13. guillotine
14. A
15. French Foreign Legion
16. B
17. Rome
18. B
19. Louis XIV
20. D
21. Napoleon
22. Dunkirk
23. B
24. B
25. England & Russia
26. C
27. Napoleon Bonaparte
28. Louis Braille
29. D
30. Fraternity
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