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Just Foiling Around
What is the purpose of an airfoil on an airplane?
A. block wind
B. produce lift
C. reflect radar
D. increase drag
E. eliminate buoyancy
World's Firsts
What is the last name of the man mentioned in this passage?
When it was his turn, he crawled in on his
stomach. The small petrol engine roared,
the twin propellers whirled, and the device
rose into the air, traveling just 121 feet.
Opposing Forces
What force opposes the lift generated by a moving aircraft's wing?
Drag retards the movement of an aircraft through the air. Another term for drag is ...
A. lift
B. yaw
C. inertia
D. gravity
E. friction
Winds of War
During World War II, many B-29 pilots reported head winds so strong that their ground speed was virtually zero. This was man's first encounter with what narrow band of high-velocity winds at altitudes between twenty and fifty thousand feet?
Star Warplanes
To what bomber does this excerpt fromTime refer?
Sleek and sinister - the plane resembles
a death machine out of Darth Vader's workshop.
The German army officer who spent much of his life experimenting with dirigibles was named ...
A. Goethe
B. Rommel
C. Doenitz
D. Zeppelin
E. Lindemann
Aircraft Axes
An aircraft is maneuvered about three axes by three sets of control surfaces. Two of these axes are the pitch axis and the roll axis. Name the third axis.
Instead of fixed wings, a helicopter has an assembly of rotating airfoils called a ...
Fast Flight
Name the American pilot who was first to fly faster than the speed of sound.
A. John Glenn
B. Chuck Yeager
C. Neil Armstrong
D. Charles Lindbergh
E. Eddie Rickenbacker
Forceful Analogies
In aviation, weight is to lift as drag is to ...
Bird Flight
Various birds are capable of four kinds of flight. Which kind of flight is associated with large birds riding the thermals over cliffs and canyons?
A. flapping
B. hovering
C. soaring
D. gliding
Creating Clouds
An aircraft will sometimes leave a visible streak of ice crystals in its wake. This cloud is called a "contrail," which is a combination of what two words?
Flying Aces
What World War I aviator, known for his Albatross biplane painted crimson, had 80 air victories before being killed in action at the age of 26?
A. Johannes Kepler
B. Richard Wagner
C. Albert Schweitzer
D. Otto von Bismarck
E. Manfred von Richthofen
Extreme Sports
In what sport is a pilot suspended from a motorless wing by a harness and a bar?
Aircraft Noise
A jet flying at supersonic speeds over your house creates a shock wave. That shock wave is popularly known as a ...
What controls the up and down movements of the nose of an airplane?
A. rudder
B. ailerons
C. fuselage
D. spoilers
E. elevators
Other Brothers
In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers of Paris built the world's first ...
The lift of a blimp depends upon the difference between what property of the atmosphere and the lifting gas contained in the airship?
A. volume
B. energy
C. density
D. velocity
E. temperature
Airport Agencies
The U.S. has more than 12,000 airports. The majority of these are available for general use, subject to the rules and regulations of what federal agency?
The rise of the curve of an airfoil expressed as the ratio of the rise to the length of the chord of the airfoil is the ...
A. yoke
B. pitch
C. radius
D. camber
E. horizon
She received the Distinguished Flying Cross for being the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic. Later she made the first solo flight from Hawaii to California. She disappeared somewhere over the Pacific in 1937. Name her.
Forward Flight
What enables a glider to move forward through the air?
A. Coriolis force
B. centripetal force
C. gravitational force
D. van der Waals force
E. electromotive force
Igor Sikorsky designed and flew the first practical version of what flying machine?
Which term describes flying at four times the speed of sound?
A. auk 4
B. balk 4
C. sock 4
D. mach 4
E. hawk 4
Famous Flyers
Who is this 1927 passage about?
Suddenly and softly there slipped out
of the darkness a gray-white airplane as
25,000 pairs of eyes strained toward it.
Lines of policemen and stout steel fences
went down before the rush of Parisians.
Jets and rockets are two of the means of providing forward thrust to an aircraft. Name the third means of propulsion associated with practically all successful aircraft prior to the 1940s.
Aviation Firsts
Richard Byrd is credited as the first person to fly over the ...
A. equator
B. Himalayas
C. North Pole
D. Pacific Ocean
E. International Date Line
A Different Type of Flight
What type of flying machine derives its lifting power from aerostatic forces in contrast to aerodynamic forces?
Name the first two people admitted to the Aviation Hall of Fame.

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Answers to Flight
1. B
2. Wright
3. gravity
4. E
5. jet stream
6. B-2 (Stealth bomber)
7. D
8. yaw axis
9. rotor
10. B
11. thrust
12. C
13. condensation trail
14. E
15. hang gliding
16. sonic boom
17. E
18. hot air balloon
19. C
20. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
21. D
22. Amelia Earhart
23. C
24. helicopter
25. D
26. Charles Lindbergh
27. propeller
28. C
29. dirigible (blimp, balloon)
30. Wilbur and Orville Wright
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