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Which type of electrical current is used in flashlights?
Hair Raising
You comb your hair, and the comb becomes negatively charged. What was transferred from your hair to it?
Electrical Engineering
By design, wires with the highest resistance are built into ...
A. clocks
B. toasters
C. telephones
D. stereo speakers
E. printed circuit boards
Safe Circuits
The circuit breaker in a typical household light circuit is rated for how many amps?
A. 2
B. 20
C. 200
D. 2,000
E. 20,000
Broken Bulbs
Several electric lights are connected but one is accidentally broken. Right away, all the other lights also go out. They were connected in what kind of circuit?
Power Pipes
Electricity can be likened to water flowing through a pipe. If resistance is analogous to the size of the pipe restricting the flow, what characteristic of electricity is analogous to the pressure that pushes the water through the pipe?
Which material is an insulator?
A. boron
B. nickel
C. quartz
D. silicon
E. mercury
Nonmetallic conductors include ...
A. gold and copper
B. mica and alcohol
C. latex and hardwood
D. salt water and ionized gases
E. fiberglass and thermoplastics
In 1882, what American inventor opened the first direct-current central generating station on Pearl Street in New York City?
Electric energy is produced by the ---- of charges.
A. cessation
B. separation
C. combination
D. amalgamation
E. condensation
Electrical Transmission
Most power lines carry high voltages. Before the electricity is fed into your home, it must be put through what device that lowers the voltage to 110 volts?
The two metals most widely used to conduct electricity in homes are copper and ...
Who did not have a unit of electrical measurement named after him?
A. Voltaire
B. Georg Ohm
C. Andre Ampere
D. Charles Coulomb
E. Michael Faraday
Electrical Matters
Materials such as silicon, gallium arsenide, and germanium are neither conductors or insulators. How are they classified?
Electronic Devices
It converts electrical energy into electromagnetic radiation and vice versa. Name this device designed to transmit and receive radio waves.
What is most reduced through the use of superconductors?
A. voltage
B. wattage
C. resistance
D. gravitation
E. conductivity
Public Utilities
Electrical utilities apply what two-word term to the infrastructure that provides electricity to consumers through an interconnected system of power stations and transmission lines that distributes electricity over large geographic areas?
An ampere is a measure of ...
A. capacity
B. magnitude
C. current flow
D. electrical pressure
E. electrical resistance
Light Bulbs
A light bulb in an electrical circuit is the ...
A. load
B. grid
C. shunt
D. cathode
E. distortion
Electrochemical Cells
Name the device defined as an assembly of electrochemical cells which exhibit a voltage difference between their two electrodes so that they will deliver usable current when connected to an external circuit.
Laws of Electromagnetism
According to James Maxwell, a changing magnetic field produces an electric field. He also found that a changing electric field produces what kind of field?
Electrical Formulae
Name this relationship.
V = I x R

A. Boyle's Law
B. Ohm's law
C. Charles' law
D. Faraday's law
E. Avogadro's law
The first machine to use electricity as a means of sending messages was the ...
Of Burning Importance
The burning of what substance produces most of the world's electricity?
Scientific Publications
Who published this manuscript?
Experiments and Observations on Electricity

A. Carl Sagan
B. Edwin Hubble
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Charles Darwin
E. Benjamin Franklin
A step-down transformer has a turns ratio less than ...
What is it that flows from a battery to a light?
A. atoms
B. photons
C. protons
D. neutrons
E. electrons
What type of electrical circuit is described in this passage?
A circuit in which two or more
components are connected across
two common points in the circuit
so as to provide separate conducting
paths for the current.
Electronic Analogies
The charged regions of clouds that produce lightning are most similar to giant ...
A. capacitors
B. generators
C. transformers
D. electromagnets
E. incandescent lamps
A fundamental concept in electricity and magnetism is that dissimilar charges ...

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Answers to Electricity
1. direct current
2. electrons
3. B
4. B
5. series
6. voltage
7. C
8. D
9. Thomas Edison
10. B
11. transformer
12. aluminum
13. A
14. semiconductors
15. antenna
16. C
17. power grid
18. C
19. A
20. battery
21. magnetic
22. B
23. telegraph
24. coal
25. E
26. one
27. E
28. parallel
29. A
30. attract
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