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The Greek term "dinosaur" literally means ...
A. big teeth
B. ancient one
C. scaled giant
D. powerful bird
E. terrible lizard
In 1997, a 150-million-year-old fossil found by a three-year-old boy provided more evidence that dinosaurs laid hard-shelled eggs during the upper Jurassic Period. This eggshell advanced the theory that what modern creatures are descendants of dinosaurs?
Bygone Creatures
Which extinct animal had the same number of legs as the triceratops?
A. mastodon
B. trilobite
C. great auk
D. coelacanth
E. pterodactyl
Here and Gone
Dinosaurs mostly came and went during which of the geologic eras?
Big Critters
In 1995, paleontologists found a huge, previously unknown dinosaur in Argentina. This meat-eater, two tons larger than Tyrannosaurus rex, was named ---- carolinii.
A. Jumbosaurus
B. Enormosaurus
C. Whopposaurus
D. Gigantosaurus
E. Colossosaurus
Dinosaurs ...
A. had exoskeletons
B. had radial symmetry
C. bore their young alive
D. evolved from thecodonts
E. were preceded by mammals
Revised Research
Research has suggested that all dinosaurs may not have been ectothermic as previously believed. This means that some dinosaurs may not have been ...
Dino Tracks
Paleontologists refer to the petrified footprints of dinosaurs as ...
A. dies
B. casts
C. molds
D. blanks
E. cracks
Avian Ancestors
Which dinosaur had the size and shape of an ostrich?
A. allosaurus
B. stegosaurus
C. hadrosaurus
D. ornithomimus
E. brachiosaurus
Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent except ...
Textbook Talk
A textbook indicates that early archosaurs were bipedal. Therefore we know that some archosaurs ...
A. walked on two legs
B. had radial symmetry
C. could perceive depth
D. had two brain hemispheres
E. had a two-chambered heart
Extinction Events
During which geologic period did dinosaurs become extinct?
Duck Bills
Which dinosaurs are also known as "duck bills?"
A. sauropod
B. hadrosaur
C. triceratops
D. stegosaurus
E. brontosaurus
Dinosaur Cousins
The extinct flying reptiles having the outside digit of the forelimb greatly elongated and supporting a wing membrane were called ...
A. polydactyls
B. zygodactyls
C. pterodactyls
D. perissodactyls
E. arteriodactyls
New Tales
It was previously assumed that most dinosaurs dragged their long tails along the ground behind them. Today, paleontologists believe these tails were held straight out and off the ground to help maintain ...
Saurian Size
Which dinosaur was smallest?
A. iguanodon
B. allosaurus
C. stegosaurus
D. velociraptor
E. seismosaurus
Geologic Eras
These things had occurred by the beginning of what geologic era?
Scary Names
What enormous, plant-eating dinosaur has a name that means "thunder lizard"?
A. stegosaurus
B. anatosaurus
C. brontosaurus
D. ankylosaurus
E. tyrannosaurus
Plesiosaurs had ...
A. fur
B. feathers
C. three cranial horns
D. massive dorsal fins
E. appendages like paddles
What rare element, found in a thin layer of sediments around the world, is believed by some paleontologists to be the "smoking gun" of the comet or asteroid impact that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs?
Dinosaur Derivations
Which dinosaur has a name that literally means "reptile foot?"
A. sauropod
B. triceratops
C. velociraptor
D. tyrannosaurus
E. ostrithischian
Prehistoric reptiles such as Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus are called sailbacks because they had high bony spines on their backs covered with thin skin. This structure helped them to control what?
Armored Herbivores
What dinosaur is described as an armored plant-eater with a bony frill around its neck and three sharp horns on its head?
Big Critters
It weighed over 174,000 pounds. It was 45 feet tall and 80 feet in length. Name it.
A. triceratops
B. stegosaurus
C. velociraptor
D. brachiosaurus
E. tyrannosaurus rex
What man-like primate existed at the time dinosaurs roamed the Earth?
Exotic Creatures
Which extinct creature had horns on its tail and two rows of bony plates projecting from its back?
A. diplodocus
B. stegosaurus
C. triceratops
D. brontosaurus
E. tyrannosaurus
Which creatures were not extinct at the beginning of the Tertiary period?
A. terrapins
B. dinosaurs
C. pterosaurs
D. ammonites
E. plesiosaurs
Structural Differences
Dinosaurs belonged to two distinct orders based upon the structure of the pelvic girdle. If Saurischia means "lizard-hipped," what does Ornithischia mean?
Dinosaur Days
Fossil evidence indicates that the hominid line from which modern humans evolved has been around for between four and six million years. In contrast, dinosaurs were the dominant land animal for approximately how many years?
A. 10 million
B. 25 million
C. 65 million
D. 130 million
E. 320 million
Diminutive Dinosaurs
Standing just 6 feet tall and weighing only 100 pounds, it does not fit the usual idea of a "terrible lizard." Nonetheless, this swift and agile dinosaur used a sickle-shaped claw on each foot to slash at its prey. Name this predator that gained some renown in the film, Jurassic Park.

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Answers to Dinosaurs
1. E
2. birds
3. A
4. Mesozoic
5. D
6. D
7. cold-blooded
8. B
9. D
10. Antarctica
11. A
12. Cretaceous
13. B
14. C
15. balance
16. D
17. Cenozoic
18. C
19. E
20. iridium
21. A
22. body temperature
23. triceratops
24. D
25. none
26. B
27. A
28. bird-hipped
29. D
30. velociraptor
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