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Who was involved in the revolution
that occurred most recently?
A. Eli Whitney
B. Simon Bolivar
C. Vladimir Lenin
D. Thomas Jefferson
E. Marquis de Lafayette
International Events
Who was the American president when
the Berlin Wall was constructed?
Roman Numeral History
What happened in the year MDCCLXXVI?
A. Pearl Harbor was attacked
B. Fort Sumter was fired upon
C. Columbus landed
D. the Mayflower set sail
E. the Declaration of Independence was signed
Art Movements
Arrange these schools of painting in chronological order.
1 impressionism
2 cubism
3 realism
4 surrealism
Constitutional Amendments
A Constitutional amendment dealing with which topic was ratified first?
A. poll taxation
B. intoxicating liquors
C. voting by 18-year-olds
D. slavery & involuntary servitude
E. unreasonable searches & seizures
Millennium Matters
Around the year 1 A.D., the ...
A. wheel was invented
B. Sphinx was being sculpted
C. Roman empire was flourishing
D. first Olympic games were held
E. Vikings explored the New World
Historic Headlines
In what year did these headlines appear?
- LBJ says he won't run again
- North Korea seizes U.S.S. Pueblo
- Martin Luther King slain in Memphis
- Robert Kennedy assassinated
Distinctive Decades
Which was not characteristic of the U.S. in the 1940s?
A. Lend-Lease
B. the G.I. Bill
C. victory gardens
D. draft card burning
E. Japanese internment camps
About the same time that Britain gained control of Australia and New Zealand, it lost ...
A. India
B. Burma
C. America
D. Hong Kong
E. Palestine
Spreading the News
During its 18 months of operation, the pony express brought news of which president's election victory to people in the West?
Quote Chronology
Which quote was uttered first?
A. War is hell.
B. The die is cast.
C. Let them eat cake.
D. They shall not pass.
E. Give me liberty or give me death.
Write on Time
Which writer wrote most recently?
A. Daniel Defoe
B. Jonathan Swift
C. Rudyard Kipling
D. Sir Walter Scott
E. Charles Dickens
Order of Discovery
Place these people in the chronological order of their voyages or discoveries.
1 Magellan
2 Columbus
3 Leif Ericson
4 Jacques Cartier
5 Ernest Shackleton
Astronomical Associates
Which astronomers were associates?
A. Ptolemy & Galileo
B. Hipparchus & Copernicus
C. Edmund Halley & Edwin Hubble
D. Johannes Kepler & Tycho Brahe
E. Percival Lowell & Isaac Newton
Medical Milestones
Which medical breakthrough occurred first?
A. use of penicillin
B. discovery of x-rays
C. synthesis of insulin
D. invention of the polio vaccine
E. development of antiseptic surgery
Canal Chronology
The Panama Canal opened in the same year that what war began?
Reunification and Invasion
Germany was reunited in the same year that ...
A. Iraq invaded Kuwait
B. Israel invaded Lebanon
C. the U.S. invaded Panama
D. Argentina invaded the Falklands
E. the Chinese invaded South Korea
The Human Family
Which milestone of human development occurred first?
A. birth of Buddha
B. iron metallurgy
C. the Mayan calendar
D. the code of Hammurabi
E. the use of zero in computation
Transportation Timetables
In the same year that the transcontinental railway was completed in America, what artificial waterway was also completed in the Mideast?
Chronological Clout
Who were influenced by Christianity?
A. Confucius and Lao-tzu
B. Rameses and Tutankhamen
C. Sargon and Nebuchadnezzar
D. Aristotle and Alexander the Great
E. Charlemagne and William the Conqueror
American Timelines
Who is second on the list if these women are arranged chronologically?
A. Ruth Ginsburg
B. Abigail Adams
C. Harriet Tubman
D. Priscilla Mullens
E. Eleanor Roosevelt
Population Trends
The baby boom in the United States began in the second half of what decade?
Time Flies
How many years elapsed between the Wright brothers' first flight and Neil Armstrong's walk on the Moon?
A. 44
B. 55
C. 66
D. 77
E. 88
Which occurred after reptiles became dominant on Earth?
A. Pangaea formed
B. conifers became abundant
C. first true birds appeared
D. first land invertebrates appeared
E. North America was covered by inland seas
Newtonian Science
Isaac Newton developed the calculus and formulated the law of universal gravitation at the same time that what calamity was sweeping Europe?
Contemporary Composers
Handel was a contemporary of ...
A. Bach
B. Liszt
C. Chopin
D. Mozart
E. Beethoven
American Acquaintances
Who could not have met the others?
A. John Marshall
B. James Madison
C. Joseph McCarthy
D. Meriwether Lewis
E. Thomas Jefferson
Historic Events
What occurred about the same time that Paul Revere made his historic ride?
A. a day of infamy
B. the fall of the Alamo
C. the Emancipation Proclamation
D. the shot heard round the world
E. the wedding of Priscilla Mullens
World Perspectives
Dickens published "Great Expectations" and Pasteur published his "Germ Theory of Fermentation" during the same year that what war began in the western hemisphere?
History of Religion
Which religion was organized most recently?
A. Islam
B. Judaism
C. Hinduism
D. Christianity
E. Confucianism
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Answers to Chronology quiz
1. C
2. John Kennedy
3. E
4. 3 1 2 4
5. E
6. C
7. 1968
8. D
9. C
10. Abraham Lincoln
11. B
12. C
13. 3 2 1 4 5
14. D
15. E
16. World War I
17. A
18. D
19. Suez Canal
20. E
21. B
22. 1940s
23. C
24. C
25. bubonic plague
26. A
27. C
28. D
29. American Civil War
30. A
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