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Art Forms
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Still Lifes
Which would be an appropriate subject for a still-life painting?
A. a nude model
B. Prince Charles
C. a vase of flowers
D. horsemen and cattle
E. the Egyptian Pyramids
Painted Patterns
You place a stiff card in which a desired pattern has been cut upon a piece of paper. You then spray the card with paint which reaches the paper only where the card was cut away. Name this process.
Normal Names
A more common term for the art form known as "serigraph" is ...
A. gilding
B. etching
C. embossing
D. lithography
E. silk-screening
Art Vocabulary
A textbook with these words in its index is about what form of art?
Stylized Images
Originally, this four-letter term indicated a formal, religious panel-painting or mosaic. Today, particularly in the computer industry, it refers to any stylized or symbolic image. What is the term?
Art Forms
Strips of lead are associated with which art form?
A. impasto
B. mosaics
C. frottage
D. stained glass
E. encaustic painting
Indian Art
Animate or inanimate objects considered to have a blood or supernatural relationship to a clan or race were carved into tree trunks by American Indians of the northwest coast. These carved trees are called ...
Art Supplies
An artist who regularly uses a mixture of oxygen and acetylene to produce his works is working with which medium?
A. clay
B. metal
C. stone
D. textiles
E. oil paints
Forms of Painting
Name the type of painting executed on wet plaster with pigments suspended in water so that the plaster absorbs the colors and the painting becomes part of the wall.
A person carving or engraving ivory or bone is involved in which art form?
A. origami
B. scrimshaw
C. embossing
D. crewelwork
E. chenille work
A sculpture of the upper part of a person, usually including the head and shoulders, is called a ...
Cartoonists who did not like Theodore Roosevelt drew him with an enormous stomach and a huge mustache. This technique is called ...
A. stippling
B. animation
C. encaustic
D. caricature
E. foreshortening
Famous Artists
With what art form is Ansel Adams associated?
A. sculpture
B. photography
C. oil painting
D. architecture
E. watercolor portraits
Name the printmaking technique in which a design is traced on a flat wooden surface and then all those parts of the wood not to be inked are cut away.
A person involved in the art form known as macrame would need an appropriate amount of ...
A. rope
B. wire
C. glass
D. marble
E. canvas
Wickerwork is a type of ...
A. painting
B. tapestry
C. ceramics
D. basketry
E. calligraphy
What modern art form is based on the daguerreotype?
Heavy Hangings
A heavy, handwoven, highly decorative wall hanging is called a ...
Artistic Techniques
An artist could employ the lost-wax technique to produce a ...
A. mural
B. fresco
C. mosaic
D. pendant
E. lithograph
Modern Art
In 1908, Picasso pasted a small piece of paper on the center of one of his drawings and in doing so began a whole new art form in which materials are glued to a surface. What is the name for this type of art?
The art of "origami" involves ...
A. folding paper
B. inlaying swords
C. forming decorative knots
D. painting masks used in drama
E. etching designs in metal surfaces
Asian Art
Name Southeast Asian art form described below.
Wax is used to trace a design on cloth
and the material is dyed, with the portions
treated with wax remaining undyed.
Then all the wax is removed.
Sand Painting
Sand painting is a ceremonial form of art most closely associated with which group of Native Americans?
A. Navajos
B. Mohawks
C. Tlingits
D. Seminoles
E. Blackfeet
Ancient Art
People began making pictures and designs out of bits of colored stone at least 2000 years ago. What is the name for this art form?
Religious Art
It is a circular form of Hindu or Buddhist art that is symbolic of the universe or wholeness. The general name for any such design is a(n) ...
A. icon
B. oeuvre
C. mandala
D. hologram
E. projection
The Written Word
This form of writing sprang from the development of the art during the Middle Ages when monks gave much attention to copying manuscripts. What is this term for the art of beautiful writing?
Japanese Art
Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of shaping ...
A. landscapes
B. miniature trees
C. dramatic masks
D. ornamental letters
E. forms in folded paper
Art History
What term was coined by Marcel Duchamp to describe Alexander Calder's sculptures that move in the slightest breeze?
The Big Picture
Mr. Van Rijn is painting a huge picture on the side of a building. Name this art form.
A. mural
B. etching
C. entablature
D. holograph
E. fleur-de-lis
The plastic arts always involve how many dimensions?

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Answers to Art Forms
1. C
2. stenciling
3. E
4. ceramics (pottery)
5. icon
6. D
7. totem poles
8. B
9. fresco
10. B
11. bust
12. D
13. B
14. woodcut
15. A
16. D
17. photography
18. tapestry
19. D
20. collage
21. A
22. batik
23. A
24. mosaic
25. C
26. calligraphy
27. B
28. mobile
29. A
30. 3
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